Week 2 Reflection: Past, Present, and Future!

It’s been two weeks since I studied at GenerasiGIGIH, there is my experience last week.


After reading the syllabus given by GenerasiGIGIH, I know what material will be discussing, which is about databases. This material has been studied in college using Oracle Database


In the first session of module 2, I learned about the HTTP Method, like GET and POST, and learn about routing databases using Sinatra, inputting some query data, and then displaying it in our browser.

In Session 2 Module 2 I learned about ERD and DDL, here I learned how to make ERD describe the relationship diagram and cardinality

The last meet on Session 3 Module 3 I learned about DML that show how we can manipulate data using select insert delete update, also learn about Join Table too

By joining the class last week I feel so fine, even though in the practice I have more repeat a lot, such as trial error, starting from configuring the environment, installing gems, etc

So far I enjoyed the material presented by the facilitators


In the future I will use this knowledge to build a small CRUD project using ruby ​​and MySQL databases, so that knowledge can be useful

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